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Published: 14th September 2011
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Indian jewellery represents an account of mixing of cultures with deep societal and religious implications. Such connotation can be seen all the way through all Indian jewellery irrespective of which part of the India it comes from. It is as ancient as the earliest civilizations of India and as modernistic as the latest fashion vogues of Europe.

Jewellery has been an integral part of Indian fashion world since ancient times. Relics of terracotta jewellery having colourful beads have been found in Harappa sites. In ancient India, common people including men used to adorn themselves with trinkets and ornaments.

Artificial bracelets and artificial bangles were worn by male and female dancers to accentuate arm movements during religious gatherings and festival celebrations. They were put on to honour and delight the gods. Artificial jewellery designs were carried to many different parts of the world and cultures and even now in different parts of Europe and into the New World, you can see the Indian influence in jewellery designs.

Artificial bangles were frequently used to enhance women’s beauty. In many tribes, artificial bangles had designs, which were used to convey an individual's status within the tribe. Certain materials such as iron, copper and silver were considered to control the powers of the gods and were made into artificial bracelets to be worn by the person who needed curing.

In modern India too, this type of jewellery has created a niche for itself in the fashion world, with so many beautiful and intricate designs being produced by artificial jewellery manufacturers. Indian manufacturers and designers are exporting artificial jewellery to all parts of the world and are being appreciated for their beautiful and appealing designs.

The professional Indian artificial jewellery artisans have been around since the times of Kings. They proudly carve beautiful pieces of jewellery, ranging anywhere from pendants and artificial necklace sets to artificial bangles and artificial bracelets and these jewellery items are exported to Europe, North America, middle east as well as many other parts of the world. These professionals are capable of designing and manufacturing all forms of jewellery pieces precisely to the customer's specifications.

Delhi in India can be called the hub of artificial jewellery. Thousands of artisans and manufactures have set up their shops in Delhi, especially Sadar Bazaar. They chiefly specialize in jewellery accessories, such as beads, pearls, artificial diamonds, etc.

If you are considering purchasing from India, you just have to pick up your phone and call one of the many artificial jewellery manufacturers and suppliers. Their stuff is really world class and ensures your complete satisfaction. You can buy one of the artificial jewellery items from their showroom, which you can view online or through their catalogue, or if you want your own design, they can design it to your specifications.

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